For your convenience, the answers to some of our most common questions are right here.  Not finding what you want?  Reach out directly through our Contact Us  page.

Q: What is wireless Internet?

A: Wireless Internet is not Dial-up, DSL, Cable or Satellite Internet.  It starts with a high-speed Internet transmitting a wireless signal from one of our distribution points to a radio at your home or business.

Q: Where is your service available? 

A:  MORnet’s wireless Internet service has access points within the following areas of Polk County, Florida, and it expands as we add new distribution points.  

  • Alturas
  • Babson Park
  • Fort Meade
  • Frostproof
  • Indian Lake Estates
  • Lake Wales
  • Walk-in-Water

Please call or Contact Us with your address and telephone number and we will be happy to check our topographical system to figure whether the site is within reach of one of our distribution points.

Q: How fast are your Internet speeds?

A: We are often asked about our speed, and sometimes compared to other Internet service providers.  Many times those advertised speeds are not realistic because they are very conditional.  What may be just as important to ask is, “How consistent is the connection?”

Our service offers a combination of good speed AND good consistency, which is the key to successful Internet connections. Our consistent download speed is 20 Mbps (Megabits per second) and upload speed is 10 Mbps.  This combination provides a stable and reliable Internet connection where real-time data is important for many web applications.